Each unique quality within our employees is honed to perfection. Every employee at U&I is dedicated towards work while also having fun along the way! For we believe, “all study and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”



As a group of young talents, we try to be unique in every project big or small, environmentally progressive and leave a lasting impact unique for the clients’ mission.

Working with all types of businesses and institutions, we listen, engage and immerse ourselves in our client’s culture, mission, values and objectives. We blend intensive research, planning and design to create environments that meet strategic business objectives and support people while they work, learn and live.

We’re constantly striving to bring new technologies to bear in our operations. From developing new and improved processes to adapting off-the-shelf tools to meet your needs, our dedicated design research team is at the forefront of investigating ways to improve the performance of responsibility and over deliver our clients expectations.

We believe we can make a difference wherever we do business by investing in innovation and entrepreneurship, creating educational opportunities, powering economic progress, increasing environmental awareness, and working in partnership for every design project we partner.